Celebrating naked nature along with awakening into and maintaining our God/dess essence, shedding unnecessary baggage of the past years, learning 1000 lessons a day, privileged to avoid the distractions of the modern world, with no delay between the cause and the effect of every thought or deed..  becoming deeper, wiser, kinder, gentler, braver, more honest, more connected and more in unison with all that is High Vibration, more present to all the sides of a joy of being Human - love, ego, creation, participation, manifestation, existence, mindfulness, growth, letting go and commemoration - Burningman can and does go as light as the best playground on Earth and as serious as the most efficient School of Life, where your own evolution takes you higher then you could've ever imagine, if you are open to it. 

It is Home. It is my favorite place to dance. It is the largest Sanctuary I've ever had a honor To Be at. 



 Oaxaca ..  Picturesque nature varying from deserts to forests and mountains got me in a birthday mood from day one .. Hierve El Agua completely blew my mind and soul - 360° of breathtaking paysage - and I was almost ready to finish all my journeys altogether right there and then.. Birds' and animals' loud concerts ignited every morning with liberating bliss .. Beautiful and gentle people, humbly connected to their roots and Earth made it easy falling in love with them head over feet in each and every interaction ..  Observing smily and suave Oaxacan village women brought insights on a true feminine power that surely inspired much of plentiful local art .. Incredible architecture - from Zapotec and Mixtec to colonial - made this region a real attraction for aesthetic hunters .. Amazing colorful markets full of everything including everything offer the best food in Mexico among other diverse products of this poorest but culturally richest state .. And although I couldn't make myself take an actual bite of the popular way-too-organic-for-me snack Chapulines (grasshoppers), even after bravely placing it in my mouth, I also couldn't get enough of the remaining culinary abundance that came my way ( that cheese and tamales gave me extra power to walk back to the market again and again when I thought I couldn't walk no more). On my very last day I've discovered Pulque which became my favorite drink right away - it slightly reminds of Kombucha and is sold on the markets straight from the barrels ... 

 Following the intuition and some kind advises of the locals, I got to learn about traditional cotton and silk cultivation and weaving - directly from the sweetest indigenous craftsmen, who have been keeping the art of making rebozos on a backstrap and foot looms in small communities for many years. The coordination and concentration needed to make a seemingly simple shawl reminded me of the skills required from the most masterful dancers. I was very happy and honored to learn from these people and to have 20 Sanctuary Kaftans made by their golden hands. By now, when I finally have time to reflect on it, I only have 3 of these kaftans left - I guess love attracts love ..    Or may be it's the fact that they keep you cool in the desert or Mediterranean summer climate as well as they keep you warm anywhere from New York to Paris. There are many more unexplored timeless weaving technics that call me back and I know will make the draping of the dresses follow smoothly every move - after all,  they have been made by dancers.

 This land got deep into my veins and is there to stay. I am sending all my love to wonderful people of Oaxaca and hope their challenges will pass very soon. 


 So I was breathing.. and playing some sounds.. that got my nomad soul through last years of intense growth and transformation... feeling deep love and gratitude for all them beautiful souls that I got to share journeys with.. And here we are. From the empowering inside-out psychedelic cenote dive of thousands rebirths being purged through me into the Universe, through being able to share this overflowing Sound of Love with other parts of our One to landing on this ground again, acknowledging and accepting the beauty of cycles of everything.. letting it all go again. 

Caravana de la Vida..


So much to be inspired by in this beautiful and profound book - "Advice from my 80-year-old SELF" - Real Words of Wisdom from People Ages 7 to 88 by Susan O'Malley - you'll find in it colorful and soulful messages from heartful people, simple truths from real creators. One of them made it straight to my fridge right after I received this book from my dear friend (Thank you Adam !) .

These messages also happen to be the summary of mesmerizingly optimistic life-story of an author who knew the value of being present and alive. 






“Female spirit, the goddess in us, is not fragile or new; not an invention of privileged women or an escapist New Age elite. We are tough and ancient: tried by a million years of ice and fire. On enormous and minute wheels of pain and beauty we have turned. The spinning wills of witches transmute our experience into worlds: dream into real, need into art, difficult fact into daily vision. Skilled in memory, muscled by quantum leaps, we return to tell and respell our story. Sometimes, uphill; against odds and harsh winds: my metaphoric saga is Everywoman’s. Knowledge of our truly revolutionary past can resolve our present dilemmas. Daughters of earth, all this whirling past is in us, of us. We are powered by experience. Now we can create and consecrate our globe’s next turn: the magic future.
Nothing is easy. Work we thought done, must be redone. Generations of richly cynical young people need our cronish views and mythic tools. “Communal action is a large wheel. Within it, each personal will must passionately spin: to face hardship, anonymous conditions; to forego (disbelieve!) apparent access/success; to defiantly redefine and redo the real work. Sacred/practical retrieval of the female/earth: a transfusion of our spiritual reality into the body politic/economic: is not easy. My experience is revelatory. I could change god’s sex; I couldn’t pay my rent. I could rewrite HisStory; I can’t afford to eat. I survive; but with a grimmer face. (A stronger, more ancient face.)
Our stubborn struggle, too, is organic.
Earth, alone among known planets, wills life repeatedly from her own winter. Travels (tough Bag Lady) through conscious nights and days of her own orbit: bombarded by meteors, doubts, the terrific noise of time and human traffic. (She is solitary, and 5 billion years old!)
All of us, together. Each of us, brief and alone. Travel with her. Her survival story is ours.”

Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor. “The Great Cosmic Mother.”


But Could You?

I blurred at once the map of humdrum,
by splashing colours like a potion;
I showed upon the dish of jelly
the slanted cheekbones of the ocean.

Upon the scales of metal fishes
I read the new lips’ attitude.
But could you
perform a nocturne
Just playing on a drainpipe flute?

<1913>    - Vladimir Mayakovsky

EARTH podcast

MY MATCHLESS FRIEND A                    



In infinite gratitude for this beautiful planet on a journey of discovery of deep connection and core love for her, journey through many lands, a journey on which territories and borders are absurd, a journey of abundance of everything, duality and versatility of everything, that glues ALL into One. A journey of highs, lows and neutral, a journey of thousands of gifts and lessons of what living LOVE really is, of what being grateful really is, of humility, of greatness, of simplicity, of complexity, of how to be everything and nothing and how to just be, of learning to take time to appreciate, to smile, to cry, to thank, to touch, to experience, to listen, to express, to grow, to forgive. A journey of feeling her Love and Pain, care and caprices, holy anger and stern kindness. It's our and Her journey. An inward and outward journey. A journey of billion years, a journey of relationship with Sun and Moon and the rest of the entourage, a journey of a caterpillar into a butterfly, and egg to a human, a seed - tree - flower - fruit - seed journey, through sacred deserts, healing oceans, empowering mountains, cleansing rivers, fulfilling forests, fierce jungles, astonishing cities and human interactions. A dancing journey of vibration, of SOUND, a journey forever accompanied by all kinds of healing, moving, gut turning music that teaches you how to FEEL. How to BREATHE. How to DANCE. How to GIVE. How to LEAVE. How to have MERCY, COMPASSION,  TOLERANCE. How to share SPACE. How to ACCEPT. How to learn. How to live GRACE. How to live TRUTH. How and why to KNOW. And how and why not to. All over again. A journey of chaos. A journey of order. A journey of an outlaw. A journey of action and retreat. A journey embraced by Heaven. A journey of creation. Our playground. Our mother. Our Earth.