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Celebrating naked nature along with awakening into and maintaining our God/dess essence, shedding unnecessary baggage of the past years, learning 1000 lessons a day, privileged to avoid the distractions of the modern world, with no delay between the cause and the effect of every thought or deed..  becoming deeper, wiser, kinder, gentler, braver, more honest, more connected and more in unison with all that is High Vibration, more present to all the sides of a joy of being Human - love, ego, creation, participation, manifestation, existence, mindfulness, growth, letting go and commemoration - Burningman can and does go as light as the best playground on Earth and as serious as the most efficient School of Life, where your own evolution takes you higher then you could've ever imagine, if you are open to it. 

It is Home. It is my favorite place to dance. It is the largest Sanctuary I've ever had a honor To Be at.