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In infinite gratitude for this beautiful planet on a journey of discovery of deep connection and core love for her, journey through many lands, a journey on which territories and borders are absurd, a journey of abundance of everything, duality and versatility of everything, that glues ALL into One. A journey of highs, lows and neutral, a journey of thousands of gifts and lessons of what living LOVE really is, of what being grateful really is, of humility, of greatness, of simplicity, of complexity, of how to be everything and nothing and how to just be, of learning to take time to appreciate, to smile, to cry, to thank, to touch, to experience, to listen, to express, to grow, to forgive. A journey of feeling her Love and Pain, care and caprices, holy anger and stern kindness. It's our and Her journey. An inward and outward journey. A journey of billion years, a journey of relationship with Sun and Moon and the rest of the entourage, a journey of a caterpillar into a butterfly, and egg to a human, a seed - tree - flower - fruit - seed journey, through sacred deserts, healing oceans, empowering mountains, cleansing rivers, fulfilling forests, fierce jungles, astonishing cities and human interactions. A dancing journey of vibration, of SOUND, a journey forever accompanied by all kinds of healing, moving, gut turning music that teaches you how to FEEL. How to BREATHE. How to DANCE. How to GIVE. How to LEAVE. How to have MERCY, COMPASSION,  TOLERANCE. How to share SPACE. How to ACCEPT.How to learn. How to live GRACE. How to live TRUTH. How and why to KNOW. And how and why not to. All over again. A journey of chaos. A journey of order. A journey of an outlaw. A journey of action and retreat. A journey embraced by Heaven. A journey of creation. Our playground. Our mother. Our Earth.

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