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The Process


Me became We, and every person involved in the process is dear to my heart. Marbella - the skillful and radiant Mayan seamstress and her family became my family. Una, my rainbow-girl of an assistant, continues helping me simplify and find new creative ways to source what we want. The angels who work at the Tulum boutique are as helpful for me as for the people passing by that are ready for their higher selves to be seen. Giselle who keeps it all clean raises the vibration of every space with her vivacious and unbreakable spirit. Accurate and outstanding Melissa who worked on the website is owning and using her unique gifts contagiously for everyone to benefit. Maya and her Blue Wing team are helping to bring everything together and elevate the vision while keeping it evolving sustainably for all.. the accountants, advisors, suppliers, creators, models, role-models, photographers, mentors and friends- thank you! Everyone who believed in the vision and shared their time and energy along the way, and of course, our loyal and supportive clients - each person's well-being matters, each opinion counts, each critic and each compliment is important.

Every piece of fabric we use is thoughtfully chosen, considering all the aspects - the footprint, the people who made it, and the environment in which it was created. Sometimes it is a vintage or artisanally made piece of cloth that is enough for just one garment. Other times we work with the remnants of different designers -  always from carefully selected sustainable providers.

We believe that wearing beautiful, comfortable, thoughtfully created attire helps each one to experience their true divine selves - without all the labels, masks and beliefs that we have absorbed from society.
Every day we see people transform in front of our eyes when they try on our garments. And when we hear them say they feel the energy of the love that was poured into what now adorns and touches their body, we simply could not be happier to be a part of their transformation. 

We commit to sustaining and sharing this love. 

You are attractive as your true self.

Stay light.