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Made by Mononino 

One of a kind / Ring

Custom design upon order / Lead time 14 to 30 days

100 % Handmade

11g of solid Sterling Silver and 7g of solid 14k Gold

The design shown on the picture will have some variations, as every piece is made by hand and therefore - one of a kind. Please contact, with custom made ideas and modifications, or if you have any questions before placing your order. 

A Kid, seven billion personalities and an infinity of alive beings, created a language called MONONINO.

Every letter on its alphabet became a character, an intention, an action, a fenomena, an investigation method and a history in itself, trough which we find our hidden powers.

MONONINO designs represent individual universes connected with each other through the love web. every piece made by Mononino’s hands which lives a stamp of a soulfully rustic termination.

MONONINO Jewelry is made to wear at all times, like amulets, or reminders, or like the patience and love that they are made with, like the things our true will wants and carries to carry with at all moments, like attention and intention is poured onto every detail of each particle of the MONONINO’S love Multiverse.


$555.00 USD
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