Meet Yeva


I became inspired to start this brand during my process of re-committing to unconditional self-love as well as love for our planet, which I realized were the same thing. This process became, and still is to this day, a journey of rediscovering my true values and deepening my alignment to nature through conscious travels, movement and holistic medicine - with the help of friends and teachers.  

At a young age I started modeling and while I fully enjoyed exploring new cultures and different people from across the globe, the feeling that there was something missing for me in the fashion industry grew stronger until I knew I myself had to change. 

I realized I was becoming disconnected from the little girl that grew up amidst the splendor of the Ural Mountains. For that girl - everything mattered: every little insect, stem, leaf, stone in the river.. why and how it was created, transformed, coexisting and communicating. 

Somewhere along the way that sensitive girl became buried under randomly absorbed ideas and the unconscious consumption of what seemed to be appropriate in whatever society I´ve happened to belong to through my migrations. When the pendulum flew off-scale, I chose to dig deep in an effort to reconnect to that girl's essence. What I discovered was both embarrassing and liberating - I had spent so many years trying to be someone else while completely ignoring the natural gifts I carried. I had assumed these were merely side-effects of my shallow “addiction to beauty” that I was deliberately trying to mask with mind-entangling books I was reading, getting farther away from the capacity to re-discover my own truth.

One day I was hosting a big party in Long Island, and many of my friends asked me to dress them up using my personal collection of vintage clothes - something that was happening pretty often, but never yet in such insightful scale and quality.. Suddenly I saw how the energy of the party transformed into a magical fairly tale - everyone reappeared much more like their True and Whole Beautiful Godly Selves, beaming light and delicate confidence inside as outside, floating through the dance floor, where even the DJ seemed to be affected and the whole melody of the gathering was transmuted into a playful delicacy...  I finally had an epiphany that my inner sense for aesthetics and beauty is a precious gift to be cultivated and carried with pride - as being able to create beauty is being able to create harmony. 

Falling in love with myself also came with reconnecting deeply to Mother Earth and all the various forms of life. She taught me faith to be able to create and share what I love while staying true to my values in service. She taught me it was my sole purpose.

And so the journey of all-empowering dress-alchemy had begun.

Actually, it had begun much earlier..

 My amazing mother taught me how to sew when I was 6 years old. I was creating clothing for myself occasionally, remodeling vintage or traditional patterns I would find around the world. Being on the road most of my life and descending from both jewish and gypsy lineages, I was inspired by the Silk-Road travelers who had to pack lightly and smartly. Despite the alternating heat and cold of the deserts and mountains, they persevered, and upon arriving they were able to present themselves in all their true glory to kings and merchants. Quality, holistic comfort or beauty simply could not be compromised. 

Every day someone would ask what is it I am wearing that makes me look so divinely comfortable in my own skin. 

Love. I was wearing my love. And I had to share it generously.